We are three passionate entrepreneurs and we dedicate our lives for the people we love and for the things we cherish. The world of cigars is our passion and we strive together so that one day we can have our own luxurious brand. 

The best is yet to come
— Tarek El Gemayel

Tarek El Gemayel


The GodFather of Cigars. It all began when he started smoking the leftovers & butts of his father's cigars at the age of 16. 

10 years experience in the cigar world.

Toni El Gemayel


The Don of Cigars and Cars. Deeply fell in love with non-Cuban sticks but has a special place in his heart for the finest Cubans.

8 years experience in the cigar world.

Jimmy El Gemayel


The Prince of Cigars and the King of Single Malts, Wines & Spirits. 

7 years experience in the cigar world and many more in the beverage industry.