H. Upmann - Magnum 56 Edición Limitada 2015

Personal Story

My love and passion for cigars has led me to subscribe to multiple cigar websites and newsletters that send monthly and quarterly updates about the industry. One night an email showed up in my inbox and mentioned the release a new Limited Edition cigar from H. Upmann. "Here we go again" I thought to myself. It was going to be another Magnum 50 like-cigar. Don't get me wrong, I am not belittling the Magnum 50 whatsoever. It is a great cigar that can always be found in my humidor. Peeking at the email, I then saw a fairly thick ring gauge and a dark wrapper with a big "56" on the band. I want this box, I need this box and I will get this box. 

In fact, over the next couple of months, these boxes were so scarce that I had never found the Magnum 56 EL2015 in any cigar shop or duty free. It wasn't until Christmas time when I was heading from Dubai to Beirut for vacation that my eyes were drawn upon the Magnum 56 box at Dubai Duty Free. Price comparison was key and the verdict was the Dubai Duty Free was about 35$ more expensive than the Beirut Duty Free. I immediately purchased the box from Dubai without risking the fact of not finding it in the latter. "I won't make the same mistake as before" I repeated to myself, having previously forgotten 3 boxes of Vitolas in the overhead compartment in the plane. Once at home, I cracked open the Slide-Lid-Box and the rich and the wonderful aromas that were long trapped within delicately perfumed the room with its heavenly smell.

Description and Review

I simply couldn't resist the temptation of writing this blog without actually having to smoke this H.Upmann 56 Limited Edition. The Magnum 56 is wrapped in this dark, silky wrapper that simply looks, feels and smells heavenly. The box size is surprisingly massive for a quantity of 25 cigars. What is even more eye catching is the beautiful double-band, which looks even like a triple-band with the H.Upmann, Magnum 56 and Edicion Limitada tags.

The nose on the cigar is spicy yet so smooth. It reminds me of that hot summer day, about a year ago, when I ordered a spicy chili dark chocolate sorbet. The tingling on my nostrils was so pleasant followed by a silky smooth melting chocolate in the mouth. Excuse me, I drifted away from the subject of the blog. Going back to where we were!

The initial draw is hands down flawless for such a big gauged and packed cigar. As expected, the initial third held spicy and floral notes with a long woody finish. However if you thought that this was great, you should wait and see that is waiting for the other 2/3 of the cigar. The evolution of aromas is so gentle but very noticeable. You can right away distinguish the different taste notes in this perfectly executed transition.

The middle and second third of the Magnum 56 prepares you for the climax. You can actually feel that the last third will be an unforgettable hit wonder. The aromas have now shifted from spicy floral to roasted coffee with vanilla hints. The long finish is beautifully balanced between the sweet and the earthy notes. At this point it feels as if a bond has been built between yourself and the cigar. You try to make use of those last draws, while burning you lips and fingers, simply because the Magnum 56 EL 2015 is that good.

What is most surprising to me is that it is quite hard to believe that such a young cigar can be rich. I can only imagine what it would taste like in the next couple of months and even years to come.

Now my friends, I must go and buy myself a second box because I will surely indulge in those H.Upmann more often that actually planned. Quite possibly the best cigar that I have had this year.

Appearance – 5/5
Construction – 5/5
Flavor – 5/5
Value – 4.5/5

Overall 19.5/20