Bolivar - Emarati RE UAE

Personal Story

When you smoke a Bolivar you immediately compare its character to the well-known Simon Bolivar, military leader who toppled the Spanish regime from most Southern American states. I first encountered this experience with the renowned Bolivar Belicosos Finos. I was captivated by the strength and aromas of the pyramid-like shaped cigar. I had heard of UAE Regional Edition cigars before moving to Dubai, yet was never able to actually find some. I found out later on that the previous UAE REs were released in 2008 and 2010, thus having run out of stock. It wasn't until 5 years later that the announcement of a new UAE RE cigar was being launched by Bolivar! You know what that meant: make sure to grab a couple of boxes and do not let this opportunity pass.


The Edicion Regional (RE) trend has stormed the cigar world over the past couple of years. Initially launched as a marketing stimulus in 2005, the RE cigars target the Local and Multi-Local brands only. The Bolivar brand has always been at the top in my books for having such a rich and strong flavor.

Once the Emarati RE has been bought from the Dubai Duty Free, I made sure to stock them for 2-3 months in the best possible environment. I was looking forward to having the best 1st impression experience with these Regional Editions. Then D-day arrived! I had been invited to an exclusive Balvenie Single Malt event where we would be served 3 different drams of scotch:

  • 12 years Doublewood
  • 14 years Caribbean Cast
  • 17 years Doublewood

What better way to enjoy the Emarati with some fine whisky and exquisite amuse-bouches.

The Bolivar Emarati is available in as a Corona Gorda (50x155mm).

Personal Review - Tarek El Gemayel

Prior to lighting the cigar, the nose has some rich spicy and earthy notes. Exactly what i would have expected from a Bolivar. My friends who have already smoked this cigar were fairly impressed, however I always keep my review un-biased regardless of what other aficionados have said. The initial draw was flawless, the impeccable structure of the cigar made it extremely enjoyable to smoke. I do have to say that the taste and aromas were not up to the level i expected them to be at. This cigar definitely still needs to mature and will only get better with time. The wonderful Balvenie pairing complemented the flavors of the Emarati. I first sipped on the 12 years old Balvenie Doublewood. It was poignant at first but the finish was quite short, not something i admire in a Single Malt (which is fairly normal for younger aged scotch). The Balvenie 14 years Caribbean Cask was spot on! The fruitiness and caramel of the scotch blended perfectly with the second third of the Emarati. The soft and tender finish contradicted the boldness of the cigar in a beautiful manner. I just wished my cigar would not grow any shorter and that my Glencairn whisky glass would keep its content filled.

To say the least, the Bolivar Emarati E.A.U Edicion Regional cigar is right up there, with the best of its kind. I am looking forwarding to having it once again, perhaps in a couple of months!

Appearance – 5/5
Construction – 5/5
Flavor – 4/5
Value – 4.5/5

Overall 18.5/20