Trinidad - Ingenios Edición Limitada 2007

Personal Story

The first time I ever heard of the brand Trinidad was approximately 5 years ago while reading my first cigar book - I had bought it and felt the necessity to go through it. The image is still engraved in my memory. In one column was a big list of the most common and "global" Cuban cigar brands, such as Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo Y Julieta, etc. The second column had a smaller list of the "multi-local" brands which included Punch, Bolivar, Robaina, etc. However the third column was reserved for the "niche" Cuban cigar brands in which Trinidad was part along with Cuaba and San Cristobal. I felt the urge to get my hands on and to smoke one of these brands ASAP. I had only one plan the next day; Go and check out the local cigar shop in Ottawa, Canada. The shop opened at 11:00am and there I was - at 11:15am - already seeking the uncommon yet exquisite cigar. The Trinidad Reyes was hidden behind a Cohiba box. It had a very cube like shape that enclosed 24 small petit corona sticks. The monstreous price tag was out of this world, and was mainly due to the fact that tobacco tax in Canada is extremely high. I left disapointed yet even more determined. Summer arrived and my duties as a student were put on halt for the next 3 months and there I was traveling to Beirut, Lebanon to spend my vacation, however with only one thing in mind; To purchase a Trinidad from the Beirut Duty Free. The Reyes was priced at approximately 155$ for the 24 cigars, a fairly decent price. My review for the Trinidad can be read in a subsequent post, but to say the least I was quite impressed with that smoke! The first Trinidad Ingenios EL 2007 I obtained was in December 2014 from Toni Gemayel. We had the great pleasure to smoke this cigar on New Years Eve. The taste was intense and magical, which meant one thing; purchase a box of 12 while leaving Beirut and heading back to Dubai.


The Trinidad Ingenios is a limited edition cigar from the year 2007. I purchased this box of 12 cigars for a hefty price of 260$. It has a fairly small ring gauge of 42 and a length of 165mm - 6.5. The wrapper has a beautiful dark tone whose head is twisted into a pig tail. This trademark is found on most Trinidad cigars such as the Reyes and the Fundadores. The dark rich scent of the Ingenios is also experienced throughout the first few draws.

The Trinidad Ingenios Edición Limitada is available in as a Lonsdale (42x165mm).

Personal Review - Tarek El Gemayel

The first third of the Ingenios embodies a chocolate and rich earth-like tastes. The oily maduro wrapper certainly improves the overall experience. The overwhelming yet beautiful cigar scent is accompanied by heavy white smoke that fills up the room. The ash is somewhat gray with dark lines all over. The second third of the cigar is rich and embodies chocolate, wood and creamy aromas. The draw was flawless from head to foot. The last third offered some sweet leathery flavors with a hint of oak. Overall, the Trinidad Ingenios is one cigar that should be smoked only on special occasions. However, i was disappointed by the ash structure which kept on falling every time is hit the 1cm length. Moreover, I was expecting a better oomph from a cigar that has been aged for approximately 8 years.

I reckon that the Trinidad Ingenios will only get better with time. It is true that it has already been aged for a long period of time, however I personally think that it still has a lot more to offer. I recommend pairing this cigar with a strong and rich Turkish coffee (or double espresso).

Rating (89 Cigar Aficionado)
Appearance – 5/5
Construction – 4/5
Flavor – 4.5/5
Value – 4.5/5

Overall 18.5/20