Montecristo - No.2

Personal Story

I am a person that appreciates good cigars. The best way to get to know which cigar is worth trying is to look at other aficionado’s opinions. Looking at CigarAficionado’s website, I noticed that the numero uno cigar of 2013 is surprisingly the Montecristo No.2. I had the pleasure of smoking this cigar in 2012 and looking back at the taste notes corresponding to that cigar, it seems my opinions had mixed results. Since 2012, I have had the chance to try out various new brands and have become much more exposed to the art of cigar. I can confirm that my knowledge has grown deeply therefore decided to give this cigar of the year a second chance.


Torpedoes are most certainly my favorite shape. Most importantly you have the option to cut the head as wide or as narrow as you please, all depending on your preference. The color of that cigar was truly amazing and the wrapper veins were somewhat non-existent. This Montecristo stick is definitely one of the best looking cigars out there. The outside rating of that cigar surpasses the description of the Partagas Serie P No.2.

The Montecristo No.2 is available in as a Torpedo (52x6 1/8).

Personal Review - Tarek El Gemayel

The first draw was totally unexpected. It was harsh yet very flavorful. I would have totally expected to find such harshness in the Partagas Serie P No.2, but now I was completely shocked. The taste was bland with a hint of spice and cream. I would have expected something entirely  out of the ordinary for a cigar of the year (experienced in the Alec Bradley – Prensado Churchill). The ash had this white/grey-ish texture and help quite nicely to the cigar. As I moved down to the second third of the cigar, the flavors definitely improved and there was a hint of leather and wood taste notes. The last third enveloped a rich creamy leather taste that I enjoyed quite nicely. The stick burnt evenly throughout the entire experience.

The Montecristo No.2 is a solid cigar that I would love to have in my humidor at all times. However I have a strong feeling that this cigar would greatly improve as we age it, as the first third was really bland in taste. For now, I will store the remaining No.2 in the back of my humidor and will look forward to smoking these bad boys in a couple of years.

Rating (94 Cigar Aficionado)
Appearance – 5/5
Construction – 4.5/5
Flavor – 4/5
Value – 4.5/5

Overall 18/20