VegaFina - Fortaleza 2 Robusto

Personal Story

On my way to Dubai from Beirut, I had made my usual stop at the La Casa Del Habano Duty Free shop at Beirut International Airport. Known for their huge cigar collection, I asked the stewardess to direct me to the non-Cuban walk in humidor. I was quite curious to see what kind of sticks they had kept aging in this under-rated humidified room. Never heard of a VegaFina before, I grabbed a box a rushed my way to the airplane.


This well rolled cigar has a fairly regular brown wrapper. The Fortaleza 2 family is fairly new and was first released by Altadis USA in 2011/2012. It is well compact and the veins are existent yet not too flagrant. The smell is very appealing and comparable to the smell of various Cuban cigars with a hint of coffee, wood and earth. It received a rating of 91 by Cigar Aficionado, which I find over the top. There isn’t much more to say about this cigar, so let’s go straight to smoking!

The Fortaleza 2 is available in as a Churchill (54x6 3/4), Robusto (50x5) and Toro (54x6).

Personal Review Tarek Gemayel


I want to start by giving out the final verdict. This cigar is alright. Nothing more, nothing less!

The first few draws are quite strong with spicy and coffee notes. It had caught my attention but unfortunately this would be the end of it. I was surprised that the draw was actually good for such a packed cigar with a couple of large veins here and there. The second third of the cigar had creamy hints on top of what was previously experienced. The last third was bland and lacked in taste. What I like about cigars is the evolution of taste throughout the whole experience. A cigar that starts and ends in the same manner means nothing to me.

To be honest, this cigar must be kept in a humidor and offered to newbies and beginner smokers. Why offer 25$ cigars for someone who rarely smokes or appreciates the art of cigars. The same thing can be said about champagne or scotch. Why pop a 200$ wine bottle for someone who does not appreciate the work that has been put into that bottle? For 5$ a stick, I can manage to keep 5 or 6 in my humidor.

Rating (91 Cigar Aficionado)
Appearance – 3.5/5
Construction – 3.5/5
Flavor – 3/5
Value – 4/5

Overall 14/20